Difference between EVERYDAY vs EVERY DAY

Explanation- Explicação

Everyday is an adjective meaning “daily.” Everyday é um adjetivo que significa “Diariamente“.

Everyday can also mean “commonplace” or “ordinary,” as in “an everyday event.” Todos os  dias pode significar também “lugares comuns” ou “ordinário” como em um “evento de todos os dias”.
Every day is a time expression meaning “each day” or “regularly.” Todo o dia é expressão de tempo significa cada dia ou “regularmente“.


Note the difference in the following sentences:

1. Jane goes to class every day (each day)

2. Jane has an everyday class. (a daily class)

Common Errors- Erros comuns

The most common error is writing “every day” as one word (everyday) as in the following sentences:

1. I used to jog three miles everyday (Incorrect)

2. I used to jog three miles every day. (Correct)

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