Broken, Chipped and Cracked

Hello everyone! The words today are  BROKEN, CHIPPED  and CRACKED. Know the difference between broken, chipped and cracked. It’s very easy to get confused when you try to explain to someone the state of a damaged object. Observe the pictures and identify the differences.   Definições chip (something) to damage something by breaking a small piece off it; to become damaged in this way a badly chipped saucer She chipped one of her front teeth. These plates chip easily. Learn English without leaving the comfort of your house.

Idiomatic expression – Lesson 1

Hello, everyone! We begin this lessons about idiomatic expressions most used by the Americans and Brazilians. In English, we know that idioms are often spoken for by professionals as well. Not considered informal and many feel good and others avoid in certain situations, but you probably will speak at least two or even three of these expressions in this first lesson. Enjoy ! A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush* (be conhecidas e faladas) Meaning: Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because… Read More

English conversation topics

Hello, everyone! My Online Language offers a variety of English Conversation topics. You can pick and choose from thousands of different topics to talk with your Teacher. There is no need for student books because if you are fluent in English all you need to do is to keep brushing up your vocabulary regularly otherwise you will forget certain words in English. See list below. Accidents at Home Adoption Advertising Advice Age: Youth & Old Age Airplanes Amusement Parks Anger Animals & Pets Annoying Things Arguing Art The Art of Conversation Bags… Read More