Idiom- To get caught red handed

To Get Caught Red Handed

Uma pessoa no qual foi pego cometendo um crime ou fazendo algo de errado.Normalmente relacionado a roubos mas tambem pode ser utilizado quando os pais descobre que seus filhos andam comendo a caixa de chocolate e sao pegos no ato da açao.

A person who is caught red-handed is discovered in the middle of committing a crime or doing something wrong. It is usually related to stealing but can also be used by a parent who finds their child eating their way through a box of chocolates.

Example: He tried to steal from the shop but he was caught red-handed.

Example of Use: “Tom was stealing the car when the police drove by and caught him red-handed.”

Did you know…? This idiom originated in the 14th century when the act of killing another man’s animal and selling the meat was a common crime. If a person was caught with the blood of a freshly killed animal on their hands this was considered proof of their guilt

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