Reading with audio level Beginner


My Online Language website has now audio with reading text for beginner and high beginner level. Each  reading lesson takes about 5 minutes. Learners can practice their listening skills , increase their vocabulary words.

This is just a sample, if you wish to see more please go to our website.

Reading – Level Beginner

The beach is fun! Some people swim in the water. They see who is the unnamed (1)fastest. The winner gets a surfboard. Some people lie down on the sand. They want to relax. The kids make sandcastles. They try to make the castles big and tall. Later, the water washes the sandcastles away. The kids make new ones.

Vocabulary words:

Beach – Praia

Fun – Divertido

Winner – Vencedor

Sand – Areia

Sandcastle – Castelo de Areia

Big – Grande

Tall – Alto

kids – Criancas

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