Don’t you love summer ?

Today , I would like to teach a few vocabulary words related to summer time.

Many of us travel down to the beach during summer time , so we can catch a nice wave, work on our tan or perhaps just lie down on that nice and soft sand and let the time pass by. Before we can do that , there are a few things we must pack ! One the most popular item which is very important is “Sunscreen“, yep! that essential item will prevent your skin from being burnt or even potentially to get a skin cancer in some cases.

Next one surely that many of us won’t forget is “Sunglasses“, in a hot sunny day they can help you to see better ! Brazilians loves to wear flip flops which is well known as Brazilian “HAVAINAS” they are made of 100% rubber and they are quite soft and very comfortable to wear and to walk on the hot sand too !!. Let’s not forget the “Sun Hat” or “Beach Hat” it can quite useful if you don’t have a “Parasol” to cover your head. Some people take their “Beach Towel” or rent a spot by the beach where there are many beach chairs you can use .

So, now let’s check a few new vocabulary words related about Summer time.

Vocabulary words:

Wave – Onda do mar

Tan – Bronzeado

Soft – Macio

Sand – Areia

Sunscreen / Sunblock – Protetor Solar

Skin- Pele

Sunglasses – Oculos de sol

Flip Flops or Sandals – Chinelos

Sun Hat or Beach hat – Chapeu de praia

Beach Towel – Toalha de Praia

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