Telling the time

Examples of how to tell the time.

Telling the time it is something that we use in our daily life. We’ve have seen many people from different countries having a hard time to understand how British or Americans tell time to one another. It can be a bit confusing! I hope with this chart , you will understand better how you can answer time in two different ways.

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TimeWhat time is it?Short answer
04:30It is half past threeIt is four thirty
07:00It is seven o’clockIt is seven o’clock
06:15It is quarter past sixIt is six fifteen
01:45It is quarter to twoIt is one forty five
03:10It is ten past three.It is three ten.
03:50It is ten to four.It is three fifty
05:40It is twenty to six.It is five forty
08:10It is ten past eightIt is eight 10
10:20It is twenty past 10It is ten twenty.
HoraQue horas sao?Resposta Curta

AM vs PM

When 12 hour time is used we sometimes add am or pm to the time to distinguish the first half of the day from the second half.

AM: Is from midnight to noon (Midnight…Morning…11:59 am)

PM: Is from noon to midnight (Noon…Evening…11:59 pm)


12:00 pm is noon
12:00 am is midnight

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