Reading for Beginners 2


My Online Language has created these short stories to help students to improve their listening and reading English skills.

Listen carefully to the words and practice. Reading 5 minutes everyday can help develop English skills faster. Each topic you will have audio and PDF lesson to download and study off-line.

E.S.L Teachers can use these materials to teach students in a classroom setting.

My Online Language

Easy reading for Beginners .

Pet Shop

Buying Pet’s Food. Sofia has a pet.Her pet is a dog. Sofia went to the Pet shop to buy pet’s food. She bought 5 kilos of dog’s food . She bought pet’s toys. She bought her pet a new bed. She also bought new food bowl and water bowl. She found everything she needed for her pet at the pets store. Sofia saw many pets at the pet shop. She saw rabbits, birds, chameleons, dogs and fish.

Buying New Shoes

Camila went to the shoe shop. She wanted to buy a new pairs of shoes. She bought trainers to go to the gym, a pair of high heels shoes to go out with friends and sandals to go to the beach.

She also bought a new pair of slippers to walk around the house. She spent $370 dollars with shoe shopping.

He is a Bus Driver

Easy reading for Beginners

He is a bus driver. He drives a school bus. He drives the bus five days a week. He drives the bus in the morning. He drives it in the afternoon. He picks up kids near their homes. He takes them to school. He picks them up at school. He takes them home.

Bethany is a Doctor

She is a doctor. She takes care of people. She smiles at them. She gives them medicine. She gives stickers to the younger patients. The younger patients like her. They see her when they are sick. She makes them feel better. This makes her happy. She loves his job. He goes home proud.

At the Park

Sofia loves the park.  First, she sits on a bench .She looks at the sky. One cloud looks like a dog. Another cloud looks like a sheep. Later, she feeds the ducks. They are hungry. Sofia throws bread crumbs. The ducks enjoy the food. Finally, Sofia watches the sun go down. The sunset is beautiful!

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