About Fast Food


Topic : Fast Food

Three short dialogs for vocabulary, listening, and speaking practice.

Level – Beginner /Intermediate

Dialogue 1

Cashier: Can I take your order?

Customer : I’d like a hamburger and fries, please.

Cashier: Large , medium or small fries?

Customer: Small, please. With extra catch up.

Dialogue 2

Cashier: Would you like a drink?

Customer: I’ll have a small coke , please.

Cashier: Anything for dessert?

Customer : NO, but I will have a small salad.

Dialogue 3

Cashier: Would you like this to stay or to go?

Customer: I will have it to go.

Cashier: That’s six dollars and ten

Customer: I’ll pay by credit 

Vocabulary Words:

Kids’ mealSaltUnhealthy

Junk Food Images

Junk food images

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