Animal Idioms


Topic : Common Animal Idioms

Idioms are a fun element of the English language and idioms that have animals reference can paint an interesting picture in your mind. For Example: The World is your Oyster meaning you can achieve whatever/ go wherever you want. 

Idioms Using Animals

Idioms are word combinations that have a different figurative meaning than the literal meanings of each word or phrase. They can be confusing for kids or people learning a language as they don’t mean what they say.

Below a list of a few Animals Idiom and its meanings:

  • A bull in a china shop – Someone who is very clumsy
  • A little birdie told me – Someone told me a secret
  • Bee in her bonnet – She is upset
  • Birdbrain – Someone who is not very smart
  • Busy as a bee – To be very active and working hard at something
  • Cat got your tongue? – Why aren’t you talking?
  • Cry crocodile tears – To pretend to be upset
  • Curiosity killed the cat – Asking too many questions may get you in trouble
  • Different kettle of fish – Something completely different
  • Doggy bag – A bag to take home leftovers from a restaurant
  • Fish out of water – Being somewhere you don’t belong
  • For the birds – Something that is not worth anything
  • Get off your high horse – Quit thinking you are better than others
  • Goose is cooked – Now you’re in trouble
  • Hold your horses – Wait a minute
  • Horse of a different color – Something that is quite different, a separate issue
  • Hot dog – A person doing athletic stunts that are dangerous
  • Let the cat out of the bag – Tell a secret
  • Make a mountain out of a molehill – Make something unimportant into a big deal
  • Night owl – Someone who stays up late
  • Pig out – To eat a lot
  • Put a bug in his ear – Make a suggestion
  • Raining cats and dogs – It is raining very hard
  • Snail’s pace – To move extremely slow
  • Stir a hornet’s nest – To cause a lot of trouble
  • Teacher’s pet – The teacher’s favorite student
  • The world is your oyster – You can achieve whatever/go wherever you want
  • When pigs fly – To say something is impossible
  • Wolf in sheep’s clothing – A person who pretends to be nice but is not

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