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Reading – Advanced Level

Who is Will Ferrell?

Born in 1967 in Irvine, California, Will Ferrell launched his career in comedy as a member of the Los Angeles-based improv group the Groundlings. Following his acclaimed seven-year run as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, he became one of the film industry’s biggest comedic draws through off-color hits like Old School (2003) and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). Ferrell also co-founded the popular video streaming site Funny or Die, and enjoyed success as a voiceover actor via animated features like Megamind (2010). 

Introduction to Comedy
The closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign is up and above it and that location is accessible by several hikes within Griffith Park. The overlook of the Sign offers a unique view of the Sign and After his graduation in 1989, Ferrell got his first taste of the NBC television world—not at Saturday Night Live (SNL), but as an intern for the network’s sports department. As the story goes, Ferrell had an epiphany about where his true talents lay after ad-libbing an on-air joke that drew laughs from a crowd. Shortly afterward, Ferrell moved back home with his parents and began his pursuit of a career in comedy, taking acting classes and earning parts in regional theater.


Will Ferrell rose to fame as a cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ before starring in such big-screen comedies as ‘Elf,’ ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Talladega Nights.’

Interesting fact about Will Ferrell

Ferrell thinks of himself as just another guy, and his love of comedy makes him industrious. He’s said, “I’m a lazy person who found this thing that I love… Without it, I’m just another guy.”

 “Elf” movie ! Enjoy watching this hilarious short movie trailer.

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