Vocabulary word about Clothes and Accessories


In today’s lesson we would like to teach an extensive vocabulary word list about clothes and accessories.

Apron : a piece of cloth worn in front to protect dress

Attire : that which clothes or adorns

Banian : an inner wear (jacket) over the body

Belt : a girdle worn round the waist

Blouse : a woman’s bodice

Bodice : a woman’s close fitting upper garment up to the waist

Boots : the leather foot-covering

Breeches : short trousers fastened below the knee

Cap : a soft close-fitting head covering

Chemise : a women’s shirt

Cloak : a loose sleeveless coat

Coat : the man’s outer garment

Collar : a neck band

Costume : complete set of garments

Cravat : neck cloth or tie

Frock : gown worn by women and children

Garb : costume, habit

Gingham : a kind of coloured cotton cloth with stripes or checks

Girdle : a belt or cord tied round the waist

Gown : a woman’s upper garment

Gusset : an angular piece of cloth inserted in a garment to strengthen some part of it

Habit : an official or customary costume

Handkerchief : a piece of cloth used to keep oneself clean or wipe off sweat

Hat : the head covering

Hose : stockings

Kilt : a sort of short petticoat

Petticoat : women’s under-skirt

Shawl : a wrap or covering made of wool or silk for the body

Shirt : inner garment

Shoes : the outer foot-coverings

Socks : short stockings

Trousers : long breeches

Towel : a cloth for wiping

Waistcoat : a garment worn beneath the coat

Vest : a close fitting upper garment worn by men under the coat

Listen to Rosie reading the vocabulary word list

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