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Why is it free?

Because we believe in FREE Education

1-Do I need to register?
No, you don’t need to register to use our E.S.L resources and lessons.
2- Can I really learn English with My Online Language?
Many visitors and followers has found our site quite useful. You can study on your own pace and learn lots with our English lessons.
3- Can I use the English tests as English Proficiency proof ?
No, unfortunately our English tests were created to help respondents to measure their English levels before enrolling into any English course ,whether in your home country or abroad.
4 – Why using Famous people as part of English learning?
Because we believe learners can master the English language with more interest and also learners will increase their general knowledge for their own life growth.
5- Can I copy and download your English materials?
Of Course, you can download and copy any E.S.L materials for personal use only. You may not sell it in any form our E.S.L materials without our written consent.
6 – Is it really FREE ?
Yes, it is ! This site has always been free since 2010. Our main focus will be on Youtube videos in which it is in working progress and all we ask in return is that visitors and followers to support us by sharing our blog. It is the only way to keep this site FREE of charge.
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