E.S.L Conversational Questions

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Topics in PDF Lessons

Looking for conversation questions to match your topic? Look no further, take a look at our long list of topic based conversation questions in PDF format. You can download and discuss the questions in a class setting or one to one with your English Teacher.

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Topics for Students & Young Learners

Looking to get your kids or English students talking? Here you can find a long list of English conversation topics for students learning English as a second language, (ESL). With plenty of discussion ideas to choose from, these ESL conversation topics are great in class or everyday use at home with young English learners.

Why use English Conversation Topics to start Discussions with ESL students?

While you can learn through textbooks, games or online websites, conversation is one of the most important aspects of leaning English as a second language, (ESL). Speaking in conversational form is helpful for students because they have to think about topics and words in their head before they say them.

Conversation and discussions are also great for helping students to learn about certain topics. The more they use these topics in conversation the better practice they will gain when speaking in full conversations as they progress in their English language abilities.

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