10 years blogging

Hi everyone! My Online Language will celebrate 🎉 10 years of blogging. I would like to say that life gets in the way and you ended putting on hold certain things we never stopped blogging  . We’ve always enjoyed teaching english as second language and would like very much to continue to do so. Things are changing more and more people is using YOUTUBE videos , Vimeo and other platforms to learn English. We’ve decided to create interactive videos  for all our followers on here , Facebook , Instagram etc… It is… Read More

Lista de adjetivos em Ingles

Hello, everyone! Veja abaixo uma lista de adjetivos em Ingles. Appearance Adjectives adorable beautiful clean drab elegant fancy glamorous handsome long magnificent old-fashioned plain quaint sparkling ugliest unsightly wide-eyed Color Adjectives red orange yellow green blue purple gray black white Condition Adjectives alive better careful clever dead easy famous gifted helpful important inexpensive mushy odd powerful rich shy tender uninterested vast wrong. Feelings (Bad) Adjectives angry bewildered clumsy defeated embarrassed fierce grumpy helpless itchy jealous lazy mysterious nervous obnoxious panicky repulsive scary thoughtless uptight worried We are on Facebook